Sunset Surf

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Lunar Desert

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWorking on a piece to be installed in a desert crater, using rocks and moonlight.

Final Tracking for Legends

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetOver a year in the making, I am so excited to be in final tracking for my album Legends of These Lands Left to Live.  Out this summer on Lightning Records.  Thank you to the greatest producer in the world, Rock n Roller Cy Dune.

Save Rock n Roll

Just finished up these custom Save Rock n Roll Art Flags for Lightning Records.  Limited run of 5.  Only 2 Left.  You can get one at Lightning’s Store.  Mention you heard about it from me and I will custom make you a wood and brass mount.  Although, the Rock mount looks pretty good too.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The Lightning Edit

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Creator and Co-Editor of a journal for Lightning Records this week!  It is going to be amazing!! Contributors include Jesus Robles of Design/Build Architecture firm D.U.S.T., Filmmaker Bill Daniel, Rock n Roller Cy Dune, Motocross Artist Derek Gibson, Surfer Chris Kaplanis, Photographer Patrick Gookin, Artist Maya Hayuk, Kid Millions, Rhys Chatham, and many more…Going to be so great.  It comes out in March.  If you are interested in Pre-Ordering head on over to Lightning and pickup your copy (comes with a subscription to the records).  I have a very special ep coming out as part of the 20 artist series over there too.


Sonoran Trip


Quick Jaunt out to Tucson to by a big rock for a sculpture I’m working on.  Got Distracted. Coffee, Motorcycles, Fun-Havery.  Thanks to the rogue wild Regina Rogers for helping me haul my rock.  And for the photo.

Primitive Lighting

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Working with clay I dug at an archeological site in PA today.  It is over one million years old.  It’s a piece about primitive lightning.  Our ancestors used pit fires to fire our clay vessels.  I am currently digging space to procure a fire.  It takes up to 24 hours.

Art Retreat at Joshua Tree Highlands Art Residency



So excited and honored to be over at the Joshua Tree Highlands Art Residency for the next 3 months.  I will be debuting some new Earth Art pieces and sculptures on April 26/27 over at the Residency space.



Installed Pray for Rain in the beautiful Sonoran desert, you must walk there by foot. The mahogany and glass pools glow in the moonlight and the water blows in the wind. The opening ceremony and party  - equal parts drumming ceremony, reflective moon pools, clay sculpting, hand drilled torches and joyous celebration.

The ceremonial aspect of the work began at dusk with drummers hidden throughout the desert. The opening drummer and I called back and forth and as one of the children in the audience noted ‘The mountain talked back’. The echo was at least a whole second delay – and great participation of the landscape. When recording with drum group AFI in Cape Coast, Ghana in 2009, Kweku and I talked about how their elders used drums to communicate distances. Inspired by this ancient communication – I was excited to compose this drum performance for drummers scattered throughout the desert.  Musician Seth Olinsky co-composed and lead the drumming.  The night definitely aroused the senses, evoked an earthy celebration and left everyone with an imaginative story to walk away with.

Poet Dot Devota and resident artist and musician Jeremy Thompson concluded the ceremony with me by scooping water via earthen and brass bowls and pouring onto the desert’s well known Creosote plant – so all audience members could be ignighted with the familiar Sonoran fragrance of the rain.

Photographs and Video: Jay Ritchie