aliprofileAli Beletic is a contemporary conceptual artist specializing in a new type of experiential work she calls Earth Art Ceremonies, which participate in the historic tradition of ceremony as a means to create evocative experiences for the modern art community to have access to ancient emotions, latent instincts and 360 degree sensual experiences.

She recently finished several large-scale sculptural works for the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and recorded a full length record which is coming out in the Fall of 2014 on Lightning Records.

She is currently working on a new series of large-scale sculptural works for the Mojave Desert.

Ali’s practice also hones in on a philosophical perspective regarding a human tradition of joy and celebration. Her work often draws on a wide variety of ancient symbols, narratives, traditions, materials, ancestral technology, art, medicine, architecture, ecology and mythology to help invoke latent instincts and feelings.  

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